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A friendship founded in March 2016

The Sewing Sisters project is in a remote village in Battambang, Cambodia created by The Kindness Collective Founder Samantha together with sisters Seoun, Mao and Rei and their cousin Ngar.  The project makes our bags and some of our packaging from remnant rolls of fabric while at the same time creating employment opportunities, skill development and family support in remote villages. This also reduces our footprint on the earth by using an existing resource (and of course replaces plastic bags). 

As The Sewing Sisters project develops it will also fund Our Little Sister, Big Sister program aimed to help girls starting their periods in challenging conditions, without support that many of us take for granted.

Many females living in poverty-stricken areas across the world do not have access to basic sanitary products or health education to assist them with their periods. This results in girls being unable to go school or work which can in turn impact their education and quality of life.

The Little Sister, Big Sister program will provide education, practical support and washable sanitary packs  in remote villages across Cambodia.

At The Kindness Collective we believe in making a difference and support grassroots organisations, projects and individuals who are doing just that.  

The Sewing Sisters Project: About
The Sewing Sisters Project: Gallery
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